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A Python toolkit for implementing error mitigation on quantum computers.


Mitiq performs error mitigation protocols on quantum circuits using zero-noise extrapolation.


    | benchmarks
        |- maxcut
        |- random_circuits
        |- randomized_benchmarking
        |- utils
    | mitiq_pyquil
        |- conversions
        |- pyquil_utils
        |- quil
    | mitiq_qiskit
        |- conversions
        |- qiskit_utils
    | zne
        |- zne
        |- inference
        |- scaling


To install locally use:

pip install -e .

To install the requirements for development use:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Note that this will install our testing environment that depends on qiskit and pyquil.


A Getting Started tutorial can be found in the Documentation.


Mitiq documentation is found under mitiq/docs. A pdf with the documentation updated to the latest release can be found here.

Development and Testing

Ensure that you have installed the development environment. Then you can run the tests using make test and build the docs using make docs. For more information, see the contributor’s guide (linked below).


You can find information on contributing to mitiq code in the contributing guidelines.

To contribute to the documentation, read the instructions in the mitiq/docs folder.


An up-to-date list of authors can be found here