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Mitiq is a Python toolkit for implementing error mitigation techniques on quantum computers.


Mitiq can be installed from PyPi via

pip install mitiq

To test installation, run

import mitiq

This prints out version information about core requirements and optional quantum software packages which Mitiq can interface with.

Supported quantum programming languages

Mitiq can currently interface with

Cirq is a core requirement of Mitiq and is automatically installed. To use Mitiq with other quantum programming languages, install the optional package(s) following the instructions linked above.

Supported quantum processors

Mitiq can be used on any quantum processor which can be accessed by supported quantum programming languages and is available to the user.

Getting started

See this getting started guide in Mitiq’s documentation.

Error mitigation techniques

Mitiq currently implements zero-noise extrapolation and is designed to support additional techniques.


Mitiq’s documentation is hosted at A PDF version of the latest release can be found here.

Developer information

We welcome contributions to Mitiq including bug fixes, feature requests, etc. Please see the contribution guidelines for more details. To contribute to the documentation, please see these documentation guidelines.


An up-to-date list of authors can be found here.