Version 0.1.0 (September 2nd, 2020)


This marks the first public release of Mitiq on a stable version.

All Changes

  • Add the angle module for parameter noise scaling (@yhindy, gh-288).

  • Add to the documentation instructions for maintainers to make a new release (@nathanshammah, gh-332).

  • Add basic compilation facilities, don’t relabel qubits (@karalekas, gh-324).

  • Update readme (@rmlarose, gh-330).

  • Add mypy type checking to CI, resolve existing issues (@karalekas, gh-326).

  • Add readthedocs badge to readme (@nathanshammah, gh-329).

  • Add change log as markdown file (@nathanshammah, gh-328).

  • Add documentation on mitigating the energy landscape for QAOA MaxCut on two qubits (@rmlarose, gh-241).

  • Simplify inverse gates before conversion to QASM (@andreamari, gh-283).

  • Restructure library with zne/ subpackage, modules renaming (@nathanshammah, gh-298).

  • [Bug Fix] Fix minor problems in executors documentation (@andreamari, gh-292).

  • Add better link to docs and more detailed features (@andreamari, gh-306).

  • [Bug Fix] Fix links and author list in README (@willzeng, gh-302).

  • Add new sections and more explanatory titles to the documentation’s guide (@nathanshammah, gh-285).

  • Store optimal parameters after calling reduce in factories (@rmlarose, gh-318).

  • Run CI on all commits in PRs to master and close #316 (@karalekas, gh-325).

  • Add Unitary Fund logo to the documentation html and close #297 (@nathanshammah, gh-323).

  • Add circuit conversion error + tests (@rmlarose, gh-321).

  • Make test file names unique (@rmlarose, gh-319).

  • Update package version from v. 0.1a2, released, to 0.10dev (@nathanshammah, gh-314).

Version 0.1a2 (August 17th, 2020)

Version 0.1a1 (June 5th, 2020)

  • Initial release (internal).