Overview of mitiq

Welcome to the mitiq Users Guide.

What is mitiq for?

Today’s quantum computers have a lot of noise. This is a problem for quantum programmers everywhere. Mitiq is an open source Python library currently under development by Unitary Fund. It helps solve this problem by compiling your programs to be more robust to noise.

Mitiq helps you do more quantum programming with less quantum compute.

Today’s mitiq library is based around the zero-noise extrapolation technique. These references [1][2] give background on the technique. The implementation in mitiq is an optimized, extensible framework for zero-noise extrapolation. In the future other error-mitigating techniques will be added to mitiq.

Mitiq is a framework agnostic library with a long term vision to be useful for quantum programmers using any quantum programming framework and any quantum backend. Today we support cirq and qiskit inputs and backends.

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