Milestone Managing#

This document describes the responsibilities of the milestone manager. The overarching goal/responsibility is to ensure development work on Mitiq goes as smoothly as possible. Below is a breakdown of these responsibilities into a rough timeline of the milestone.

Beginning of milestone#

  • Create a new milestone on Github and decide what issues go in and time duration, making sure issues are assigned.

  • Send an email to team and potentially interested people (e.g., people who took issues in the milestone) with a summary of the milestone’s work after the meeting in which it is planned.

During the milestone#

  • Ensure that any questions on the #mitiq Discord channel are answered.

  • Triage new issues and PRs opened by community members during the milestone time and assign them as necessary.

  • Ensure CI passes and open issues/discuss actions if CI is failing.

Community meetings#

  • Update the Mitiq Meeting Agenda google doc prior to meetings.

  • Run community meetings.

  • Take notes during the community meeting in the agenda doc, or appoint a note taker if needed.

End of milestone#

  • Release the new version (docs)

  • Prepare text for a social posts and send to,

  • Make post on #mitiq Discord channel and #uf-announcements channel